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Digital Business Strategy: ALD Carmarket

Digital Business Strategy: ALD Carmarket

In all modesty, OFF ROAD has been a decisive factor in the digital transformation of the entire ‘used car’ market in Denmark. With a focus on making car purchases for individuals on the Web as simple and transparent as possible, we have developed a webshop for ALD that was – and continues to be – revolutionary for the sale and purchase of used cars.


ALD Automotive Group



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In short, OFF ROADs brief was – to make buying of a used car on the Internet as simple as buying a pair of jeans. However, the items on ALD’s shelf cost a little more, are a little bigger and are all unique since there are only specific used car. In addition, some of the cars have over time aquired a bit of history and patina. The whole market is heavily regulated, and we had to develop three ways to finance the purchase. This have never been done before.



We developed a webshop where transparency and user experience are top priority. With inspiration from how the travel industry manages to “sell” concepts of “hard facts” and “dreams”, we have built an e-commerce platform that both presents all the car’s technical specifications and is visually very appealing, with 360 degree images of the car. In just a few clicks you have found the right car, chosen a financing method and ordered the delivery of the car to the front door.




The reaction to the new Danish webshop exceeded all expectations. ALD took the lead in digitalization and e-commerce development of the used car market in Denmark, and today the site remains the entire benchmark in the industry for sales of cars on the Internet. Nothing less. In addition to an ever-increasing share of online sales, the Danish platform has since been implemented in Portugal, Spain, Germany – with more to come.

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