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Digital Media & Marketing: Liberal Alliance

Digital Media & Marketing: Liberal Alliance

It is not easy for a small political party, to break through with political messages in the media. All political parties “compete” in the media with the political issues and stories driven by journalists, NGO’s and by private individuals on social media. Political communication requires both overview, surgical precision, and rapid responsiveness. OFF ROAD has assisted the political party, Liberal Alliance from before political commentator Henrik Qvortrup lost his famous bet in 2011.


Liberal Alliance​



Digital Media & Marketing, media planning, media purchasing, social media, web development and UX / UI design




Liberal Alliance challenged the way of communicating political messages from the very beginning. Through large, well-written print ads inserted in Denmark’s largest daily newspapers, Liberal Alliance broke the common perception of political advertising, usually using smiling candidates, puppies and focussing on “win-for-all” topics like animal welfare. The challenge was to roll out the advertising strategy on digital platforms, where the behavior of the target groups is much more differentiated.



The solution was a tailor-made digital campaign platform for the candidates. Likewise, micro-segmentation on Facebook, YouTube ads and digital banners with focus on presenting the key message of Liberal Alliance on the most dominant Danish media sites. These are all just small chunks of the campaigns that were pieced together by OFF ROAD.




One of the most digitally embedded political campaigns during the period of the election, with focus on reaching out to the younger voters. Rich content, intelligent segmentation and smart targeting were major parts of the solution that challenged the traditions of political campaigns. Liberal Alliances campaigns were very effective in raising awareness and pushing the agenda of Liberal Alliance’s policies.

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