Corona and digitalization

Digitalization in the midst of a pandemic

The corona crisis requires massive digitalization among Danish companies

The current corona crisis has led to a radical change in behavior among the Danes, and social distance is now the new norm that everyone must adapt to. This has a significant effect on Danish companies’ working and business models, and it demands a massive focus on digitization in order to maintain competitiveness. According to Dansk Industri, 2020 has especially shown a tendency among the larger companies to heavily invest in digitization. By contrast, small and medium-sized companies are more reluctant because they lack digital knowledge.

However, if a company wants to survive the corona crisis, it cannot be reluctant for much longer. More and more customers are seeking digital channels to obtain both products and services, and if a company is not online, it is easily deselected. Therefore, it requires that even more companies – including the small and medium-sized ones – allocate a budget for the digital transition to ensure that they are equipped for the future. First and foremost, the employees’ IT competencies must be upgraded, and thereupon, more digital solutions must be implemented for both internal use and to digitalize the sales channels.

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