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Car shopping gone digital

The days where kicking tires and shady negotiation techniques were equivalent to buying a used car, are long gone. With convenience and transparency in the front seat, we assisted ALD in building an online platform, that reinvented the way used cars were being sold.

  • Client: ALD Automotive Group
  • Date: October 2017 – March 2018
  • Website:
  • Services: Scoping, strategy development, project management, digital media and advertising, social media, community management, content production, video production, business development



Meeting the expectations of the ever-more-digital consumer can be tricky, especially in an established industry with norms and standards. Forseeing a shift in the way cars are being sold in the coming years, ALD wanted to merge their offline business with the digital world, disrupting the way used cars are presently being sold.



An online e-commerce platform where transparency and convenience take the front seat! was the first of its kind in the Scandinavian market, to challenge the norms and expectations of the car sales industry.
Only a couple of clicks of the index finger, and the car is on the way to your front door.



It was expected that consumers would take some time to adjust to this new concept, but the response exceeded all expectations. ALD succeeded in pivoting their business towards the digital arena and are now equipped with a customized e-commerce platform that support this ongoing digital journey.

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