Scoping & Web Project Management: DKT Comega

Scoping & Web Project Management: DKT Comega

Unlike well-known brands, like Microsoft or Apple, DKT offers a complex product range unknown to the common consumer. In building a digital presence, the goal therefore became building a website that conveys the complexity in a simple manner.

  • Client: DKT Comega
  • Website:
  • Services: Web project management, scoping, SEO, tracking, UX testing, content migration, image sourcing and CMS workshop



With many years of experience in their industry and an established customer base, DKT had met and exceeded the needs of today. However, in their wish to also meet the needs of tomorrow, they needed to build their online presence.



An up-to-date and simplistic website, conveying DKT’s product range in a user friendly manner, while also leaving room for story telling, branding, interactivity – and cool features, none-the-less!



DKT now manages a website that supports its goal of meeting the needs of their industry’s ‘tomorrow’, as well as their ambition to interact with customers through content. The CMS is simple, providing DKT with a great deal of flexibility to continue building its digital presence.

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