Ford Showroom

Bringing digitization and customization to car leasing

Today’s consumers demand individual customization to a much higher degree than ever before, and they only want to invest a few resources in their purchases. In an attempt to meet the needs of contemporary consumers, Ford created a simplified, online showroom for private leasing of Ford models.

  • Client: Ford Private Lease in cooperation with ALD Automotive Group
  • Time period: June 2017 – November 2017
  • Website:
  • Services: Scoping, project management, web development, AdWords, and UX/UI



Is it possible to add an element of fun to car leasing? The answer is yes. All you need to do is enable your customers to customize their leasing contract online, while you ensure transparency throughout the process. The difficult question is then how.



A simple, online showroom for Ford models where customers have the possibility to put their personal mark on their leasing contract, while the monthly payment is adjusted based on every customization they make. The order can be created and placed online without any hassle – a smooth, comfortable experience for the customers.



Ford succeeded in meeting today’s demands of customization and digitalization by placing the power in the hands of customers and enable their personal tailoring of the leasing contract online. While this is highly beneficial for the customers, it also increases efficiency of the lead and sales administration – a clear win-win situation.

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