Liberal Alliance

Municipal Election Campaigns entering the digital arena

How do you get your message across in a municipal election in 2017? Are the traditional channels still the way to proceed or is a modernization in order?
In fall 2017 OFF ROAD assisted Liberal Alliance in running a predominantly digital campaign in connection with the municipal elections.

  • Client: Liberal Alliance
  • Date: March – November 2017
  • Website:
  • Services: Strategy, Budgetting, Media Planning, Social Media, Web Development, UX/UI Design



Traditional media channels are the usual trademark of political campaigns. However, as the digital arena is continuously becoming a more predominant part of our everyday lives, Liberal Alliance wanted to not only focus their campaign around these channels, but also create a buzz!



A customized, digital campaign platform for candidates, micro-segmentation on Facebook, provocative Youtube ads, and digital banners conveying core messages on the most dominant Danish media sites. These are only small parts of what was put together for the Liberal Alliance campaign with OFF ROAD as campaign managers.



One of the most digitally infused political campaigns in the election, primarily focused on reaching out to the younger voters. Rich content, intelligent segmentation and clever targeting were part of the solution, that challenged traditions regarding which channels should revolve a political campaign.

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