Digital Media & Marketing: Mentholatum

Digital Media & Marketing: Mentholatum

Mentholatum specializes in the production of quality healthcare and cosmetic products. Mentholatum has a variety of sub-brands, for example GoNegl and Softlips, sold in pharmacies and drug stores. For five years, OFF ROAD managed Mentholatum’s marketing locally and internationally.

  • Client: Mentholatum
  • Website:
  • Services: Strategy, media planning, execution, budgetting



The objective of the marketing strategy was to create both recognition of Mentholatum’s newest brand and renewed interest in Mentholatum’s traditional personal care products.



OFF ROAD managed the advertisement of Mentholatum’s sub-brands internationally. This included advertising in television, magazines, outdoor and online media. Although the target group was broadly defined as women, aged 25-45, the online media strategy was based on very specific niches in the skin care and health category.



The result of the continuous marketing efforts was increased awareness and demand of the Mentholatum health care products from the new generation of female consumers.

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