Web Project Management: Vild Nordisk Natur

Web Project Management: Vild Nordisk Natur

Vild Nordisk Natur is a start-up specialized in organic skin care products for infants and children. With strong backgrounds in marketing, the two founders had a clear brand vision and visual brand identity, but needed help with web design and web development of a new webshop.

  • Client: Vild Nordisk Natur
  • Website: www.vildnordisknatur.com
  • Services: Web development, UX design, influencer marketing, social media, AdWords, and SEO



The newly established company needed help creating a web shop and e-commerce platform designed to reflect its Nordic brand. When the start-up had succeeded in that, the objective then was to achieve digital exposure for the brand and online shop.



A simple, yet aesthetic, web shop focused on user-friendliness and rooted in Vild Nordisk Natur’s Nordic and rustic brand identity. To generate traffic to the e-commerce platform, influencers, social media, and other digital marketing initiatives were employed.



With the development of a brand new, usable web shop and competent guidance within digital marketing, the two founders were well equipped for the future and ready to stand on their own two feet.

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