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Privacy Policy

Data protection and privacy

We handle all personal data with respect and in compliance with the EU law on data protection and privacy (GDPR). No personal information you provide at is sold or shared with any third party. The data we collect is SSL encrypted which ensures that your personal data remains private.


Your rights 

In compliance with the GDPR, you have the following rights:

The right to be notified when OFF ROAD collects personal data about you.

The right to be informed about what data OFF ROAD has collected about you and how it is processed.

The right to have your data corrected or made adequate if incorrect or inadequate.

The right to have your data deleted unless you have an outstanding account with OFF ROAD.

The right to resist or restrict employment of your personal data by OFF ROAD.

The right to be provided with your personal data from OFF ROAD so it can be transferred to another organization.

The right to withdraw your consent.

The right to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency.


A cookie is a tiny, harmless file saved on your device. It can’t damage, read, or collect any data on your device.

Why cookies?

We use cookies to understand our users and improve their user experience by tracking behaviors such as time spent on website, clicks, and traffic source. Apart from this, cookies are used when our users move away from to target them with ads and improve the relevance of these.

Which cookies?

We use both first-party and third-party cookies to collect information and statistics about our users.

First-party cookies consist of necessary cookies, statistical cookies, and marketing cookies. The necessary cookies ensure a functioning and safe website. Statistical cookies are used to gain an understanding of how users interact with the pages and functions on OFF ROAD’s website, whereas marketing cookies are used to track users’ behavior across websites to show users relevant and engaging ads on websites such as Google and Facebook.

Most third-party cookies are installed by social media platforms to measure the extent to which content on the website is shared on social media.

Contact information

For questions or inquiries about OFF ROAD’s privacy policy, cookie employment, your data rights or your personal data, contact OFF ROAD at:


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