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Social media

Do you want to create visibility on social media?

OFF ROAD can help you proffesionally entering social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. As a social media agency we have the skills to develop a stragegy that can help with exposing you company for different audeinces. We develop content and post creative posts, set up ads and allocate budgets optiamally, so that you get the most out of your investments.

Strategy development

We help developing the strategy behind your advertising on social media and your social media posts. We identify the right audiences, the best tone of voice, your main message and develop a plan for future posts and/or ads.

Creative content

We know what works! Based on split tests and previous experience, we can help creating catchy creatives and write precise texts for your ads and posts.  We create a read thread by ensuring that the create content alligns with your brand and  message.

Execution and advertising

It can be difficult navigating on the social media platforms. With our in debt-knowledge of for example Facebook Business Manager, we can help you posting your posts correctly and setting up ads that reaches the right audeinces and meet your specific goals.

Do you want to increase your exposure on Google?

Do you want to increase the amount og relevant traffic on your website?

Do you need more help?


Let's talk

The digital arena is our playground and we will help you make your ideas come to life

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